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Noncancer deaths

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Write an argumentative essay on Research paper 2. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. According to the results and analysis of obtained data presented “in the July 2001 SUR11 for study 091and the Clinical Study Report (CSR) filed with the FDA in July 200316 for study 078.17 This analysis provided evidence of the excess risk associated with rofecoxib for noncancer deaths (HR, 2.71. 95%CI, 1.57-4.68. P_.001). Most of this excess was due to heart disease deaths (HR, 3.84. 95% CI, 1.54-9.51). The independent analysis also confirmed the increased risk of total mortality (HR, 2.13. 95%CI, 1.36-3.33. P_.001) first identified by the sponsor’s statistician in April 2001.14…” (Psaty & Kronmal, 2008).In any case, the analysis was on the intention-to-treat principle that encompassed different events occurring within a span of 1 year of protocol 091 including additional 14 days employed in following up of the patients in order to ascertain the condition.Median is the statistical measure vividly described in the article. In the article, confirm that after the medication period of following up was the median of up to 1.7 years. In order to attain this median value as one of the measures of central tendency, the researchers used Cox Model, which was later on adjusted for purposes of accumulating ate and sex (Psaty & Kronmal, 2008). In statistics, median is the middle value or number in a given set of data. In order to find the median or middle value, the given set of data is arranged in value order from the highest to the lowest of from the lowest to the highest (Psaty & Kronmal, 2008). After arranging the data in ascending or descending order, the middle value becomes median, a measure of central tendency.2. Interpret Inferences. Do one of the following, in everyday language without any special mathematical symbols. and make sure to have the correct measures and units. (a) Pick 3 confidence intervals (CI) from the article and give a formal interpretation for each. Answer the question: Which one is the most……..


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