Reasons for income inequality in the US

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Submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Explaining the reasons for income inequality in the US.The causes of the increasing levels of income gaps and inequalities in the United States of America, which is one of the largest and most developed nations in the world has been a topic which is subject to a number of extensive researches, political interests and media attentions because this aspect involves how the income of the nation is divided among the people of the country and thus, is a primary factor involved in the development of economic consistency and stability of a country. Therefore, the topic of identifying and analyzing the main reasons which are driving the exponential growth of the inequalities in the financial and economic positions of the rich and the poor classes of the society has become an interesting area of study and research.This research is aimed at identifying and analyzing the primary and secondary reasons that have caused the high level of income inequalities in the United States of America. For this purpose, the macro economic backgrounds of the company as well as the different sources of income among the rich and the poor classes of the American society are studied in depth. Additionally, the main drivers of the income inequalities in the society and economy of the United States are identified so as to understand how these income gaps can be reduced in the future by the government of the United States of America and the various other governing authorities and institutions functioning in the country. Thus, the main research question formulated for the study is given as followsAs per the work of Galbraith and Hale (2008), income inequality refers to the degree to which income within a population is distributed in a disproportionate and uneven manner. Income inequality can also be described as the gap between the income of the rich and the poor classes of people within a society or a nation (Galbraith and Hale, 2008, p.344). Duncan and Murnane

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