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Reality of work cultures

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Need an research paper on the reality of work cultures in the modern economy. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Cadbury was one of the largest and known companies producing chocolate and other creamy products in the UK. The company employed many workforces on permanent and contract in order to deliver services to the large consumer base (Rigby 2010 c). The company also outlined the values in which it related and expected its employees to adhere, and it was important in achieving a competitive advantage. However, the company and its employees lost all these values upon its acquisition by Kraft (Marino 2010). It was a loss to the employees as their benefits and the work culture they enjoyed could no longer be guaranteed. One of the traditional values of Cadbury was adequate compensation for work done (Cadbury 2010). Employees were paid for their work without any problem, and this helped in boosting their morale when working. The payment for every worker based on the output and was assured of pay when the time reached. This value was important to the traditional company only to be changed by Kraft since it could no longer pay the workforce leading to job loss.

Secondly, Cadbury recognized the value of job security as all employees were guaranteed a job (Scott 2009 b). The company achieved this by opening many distribution and manufacturing centers across with hopes of employing many people and making them secure their jobs. Job security has proved to be an important factor and a motivator of employees’ performances. However, Kraft does not share this value since they do not guarantee their employees permanent employment but instead retrenches or sacks employees through closing some of their plants. This was detrimental to the organizational culture that Cadbury developed, and it was beneficial in improving employee’s participation in the organizational projects.

Thirdly, Cadbury respected its employees and communicated with them daily (Beaudin 2010). Communication is very important and employees should be informed of the decision that companies are undertaking and involve them.


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