Realities of juvenile crime

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Essay on The Realities of Juvenile Crime In The United States. Paper must be at least 500 words. Different investigations and studies have been conducted on juvenile crime and justice. Major issues of these studies include juvenile delinquency and offense status. Other issues include comparison of adult courts and juvenile courts, variables that correlate with juvenile crime rates, delinquency, effects on the young tried as adults and current issues in the juvenile justice.The difference between the juvenile courts and adult courts include the absence of the right to bail in childrens court. If a minor is detained in a juvenile hall, you cannot post a bond to get him or her out. Another difference is that in juvenile courts, the parents and guardian are questioned by the court during hearings about their childs behavior. The responses of the parent or the guardian play a role in determining the case, however, this does not exist in adult courts. Also juvenile court hearing is closed to the public meaning that the general public is not inside juvenile courts with the exception of family members, but in adult court the general public can attend the trial hearing. Typically, in juvenile court the mental health and substance abuse evaluations are carried out, a rare phenomenon in adult courts (World Youth Report, 2003).The causes that correlates to juvenile crimes includes drugs and substance. Drug abuse causes delinquency among teenager leading to committing crimes such as precocious sex activity, school failure, gun ownership and other related behaviors. The social media plays a part in juvenile crimes. television and movies have promoted “cult of heroes” that advocate justice through physical means that seek the elimination of enemies. This has been supported by the American Psychological Association that concluded that television violence contribute up to 10% of aggressive behavior among teenagers. Peer influence is also a major cause of delinquent

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