Realistic topic/issue in your current position

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EDUC 735 WK 8The purpose of this assignment is to help you gain experience with a realistic topic/issue in your current position or in a future position you hope to obtain. Before you begin, think about an issue in teaching and learning that would fall under jurisdiction in this current or future position. An example would be a Director for Secondary Education who would research the topic of block scheduling. Another example would be a Director of School Counselors who would research the topic of cyber-bullying. This topic should not be the same as your Research Paper.1.      After choosing a teaching and learning issue that would directly relate to the position you are seeking or already possess and plan to stay in, please complete an overview of the topic. The overview should be 3-4 pages in length and include the following information:·      Historical description of the issue (What has happened in the past to cause this issue presently?) ·      Current description of the issue.·      Current strategies being used to address the topic.·      At the conclusion of the paper, describe the job you are seeking (or have already obtained) by earning your graduate degree. State why you feel this specific issue in teaching and learning would be of concern to you in your intended position.·      Be sure to use at least 5 current (five years old or newer) scholarly sources to support your paper and then properly cite them in current APA format.2.     After completing your overview, you will participate in a project simulation. The scenario is as follows:You are a central office administrator in your division (e.g., Director of Secondary Education or Director of School Counseling). You must present a report to the school board on the topic that you have studied by summarizing the issue as it relates to your school or school division and then share an action plan that you have developed to address the issue. An action plan includes specific steps that you would use to pursue resolution of the issue in your district. The details of the action plan should also include the resources (human and financial) that will be required and the timeline for implementation.

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