Readings of Siegfried Kracauer’s Test

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Assignment

Discussion question on the readings of Siegfried Kracauer Test:

The Salaried Masses ( Read only 74-80, 88-95). Essays:

 “Refined Informality” and “Shelter for the Homeless” You’re asked to consider Kracauer’s use of metaphor and imagery in his reporting. His use of words such as “ornamentation” and “glamour” are recurring motifs–can you locate any similar words in at least two of the three essays that we’ve read?

What do these pattern(s) within Kracauer’s prose suggest to you as a reader?

Instructions:250 words, Times new…, 12ptPlease do not use any other sources for this assignment!!When you refer a passage from the essays you should site them!

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