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Compose a 500 words essay on Reading Assingment and Answer the Questions. Needs to be plagiarism free!Please include in your discussion the effects of the following: the lifting of interest rate caps. the permitting of bank investments in commercial real estate. the role played by net worth (owners’ equity), or capital- especially the inclusion of “goodwill” as part of a banks net worth.It was a situation of too little, too late. The restrictions of commodities were let loose but too late. By this time almost 50% of banks were insolvent and were having a net worth that was negative. There was duration of risk in the rising interest rates that led to both income and balance sheet problems. During the time of deregulation, banks did not make profits as a result of excess regulation as deregulation process was slow. Banks resorted to riskier high returning loans to reinstate profitability. In most cases, this worsened the situation. S and Ls ultimately had up to forty percent of its assets in real estate, 10% in direct investments and junk bonds and 30% in lending consumers. After excessive regulation, it got itself into problems by expanding finance and credit areas where there were no background, experience or expertise.What effect did government insurance of deposits for up to $100,000 have on depositors and banks? Does it seem fair to you that banks making risky, speculative investments paid the same deposit insurance premiums as those making safer, more conservative loans?Moreover, brokers and depositors exploited how to manipulate the 100000 dollars limit using brokered deposits. If one had 10 million for investments in banks, he would be insured to an optimum of 100000 dollars. Therefore, a broker would break the amount into a hundred investments if hundred thousand dollars each and will buy $100000 100 CDs with 100 banks. This limit would be 100000 dollars for each account and not each depositor. Consequently, very rich individuals get insured using the tax payers’ money.Riskier speculations in


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