Ramadan fundraising

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Create a thesis and an outline on Ramadan Fundraising. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Ramadan fundraising In this activity I sold two booklets of tickets to family and friends in order to raise fund which will be used to buy food for the poor who are having their Ramadan. 2. At the start of the fund raising activity, I hoped to collect as much money as I can in order to help more people this year. 3. Having sold the two booklets, I feel very much fulfilled and satisfied with the results of my effort. Seeing the smile in the people who were given food really inspired me. 4. I have learned that each success requires perseverance. Through this activity, I have developed greater patience, self confidence, and communicate my ardent desire to help to those who bought the tickets. 5. The learning process in this activity has been more of an individual discovery. For one, I have never thought that I will have the courage to sell tickets but my innate conviction of helping others assisted me in this task.6. By giving food to the poor, I am able to communicate Allah’s love for them. I believe that this activity has helped be become a channel of blessing to the needy.7. Next year, I will increase the amount of tickets sold from two to four booklets. Having some experience, I am confident that I can sell more in order to feed more people. 8. Patience, confidence in one’s self, and the ability to communicate one’s ideas and emotions are essential in our daily life. I can use what I have learned in this activity to establish better relationships with the people around me. Eid Fundraising1. Just like in the first activity, this activity also involves the sale of ticket but this time it is for the benefit of the poor during the Eid, another Muslim tradition. 2. My personal goal was to sell all the tickets during the limited time. In this activity, I only had a spare one hour to finish selling a booklet.3. I haven’t quite reached my goal because of the time constraint. I was able to sell the booklet but it took me an hour and around 15 minutes to dispose everything.4. I have learned that some things are out of our control and that we should be flexible enough in order to adjust to all the constraints that we face along the way. 5. My mom helped gave me the realization that we should not be overly discouraged by the failures which comes our way. She has explained to me that things don’t always turn out the way we like them but we should still move on. 6. I am most benefited by the activity. This activity has taught me important things in life. In part, I am also able to extend a helping hand to the poor through the money raised. 7. Next year, I plan to adjust my schedule in order to allocate more time for the sales. Also, I will make a list of prospective buyers in advance before proceeding.8. I believe that having a positive outlook in life shows our maturity. In the future the value of being flexible and optimistic will help me to continue pursuing my goals even in the most trying situations. Carnival Dart Stall1. This activity involves setting up and overseeing the Carnival Dart Stall in the Annual School Carnival. This also encompasses helping children in their games especially because we use needles instead of darts.2. My personal goal was to have fun in doing this activity. Aside from helping the school in collecting money, I also hoped to bring smiles to children.3. I am quite happy with the results of the activity because I have met a lot of children and I have seen how they enjoyed playing in our stall. One of the difficulties though is the hardship met by kids in hitting. 4. This activity taught me to be happy in any undertaking as well as be able to think out of the box for any problem which can arise. 5. One teacher assisted me in this activity. Having a bunch of kid has been a tough challenge for me but through him, I am able to control the activity within the stall.6. The most important thing that this activity brought is the happiness of the children which participated. Having been a kid, I know how they might have so enjoyed their games.7. I plan to be more creative in order to improve the set-up of the carnival stall. I will also suggest to have it bigger in order to accommodate more people.8. The lesson of being able to think of solutions to any problem will help me in figuring out what to do in life’s trying times. Orphanage gift1. In this activity, I allocated two hours in order to shop for gifts which will be sent out into an orphanage. I was able to buy and wrap two shirts and a sweater.2. My goal was to maximize the value of my money by buying the best clothes at the lowest possible price. I also hoped to wrap them as neatly as possible.3. Having found cute shirts and a sweater I believe that I am able to reach my goal. However, I find it quite difficult to wrap the gifts myself.4. This activity taught me how to shop for bargains and made me learn basic techniques in attractive gift wrapping. 5. My sister assisted me in shopping and wrapping the gifts. She gave me some idea on where to purchase best-buy goods.6. The orphans were directly benefited through the gifts but I also need to admit that it enriched my skill as well as helped me develop a closer relationship with my sister.7. I will save more money in order to buy better gifts. I will also try to get donations from other people in order for me to earn more fund.The lesson of practicality can be applied in almost all the aspect in life especially financial management. I can use the skill of gift wrapping someday as I plan to give more presents to the orphans.

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