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Radio Frequency Identification

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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Radio Frequency Identification Implications for the environment. The fundamental technique that forms the background of the technology is that the tagged object has emissions which are encrypted and read by a reader which would then give an output. The reader, as well as the object, is usually placed at a distance which would allow for the transmission of the radiated signals. The distance can vary from a few inches to even over a meter. With the advent of computing technology, the readers have incorporated what bear semblances to the microchips that computers have. The chips are like microprocessors which are able to execute certain commands and even process information intelligently to give logical output. This is what is referred to as smart cards and they also have the virtual digital memory. Every technology has its downside. Likewise, the RFID chips have been proven to impact on the environment (Raymond, 2006). Consequently, in the following discourse, an analysis of the impact that they have on the environment is carried out.

The essence of the technology was to ease human interaction. However, it is undeniable that the technology has also had an impact on human life in ways which are detrimental if viewed from the perspective of safeguarding the human community. These include its applications in learning institutions as well for security reasons. The point of detest in this application is that the aspect of privacy which every person should be accorded is in a way violated. Therefore, the essence of human interaction is to allow civility and freedom. In most cases, the tags or chips are usually used to monitor the movements of people. However, natural human interaction is not always limited. Thus, any technological invention which puts imminent threats to the free will of interaction that every person has would be viewed as not good for humanity.


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