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Racism and American Low

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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Racism and American Low. In the United States, in the field of law, there are actions that can impact racism. The murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida recently brought up the topic of racism and the law and made it the center of the conversation. Analysis of the stakeholders and decision makers of four U.S. laws reveals layers of racism. The defense that George Zimmerman, the accused in the murder of Martin, used to explain his case is the “Stand Your Ground Law.” This law exists in Florida for self-defense where an individual could use force to defend himself in case there is a threat for his life. This is now challenged on moral and legal grounds because an innocent seventeen years old black male, was shot and killed on February 26, 2012 by a 28 years old white man who used the “Stand Your Ground” law as his reason for shooting Martin (Cloud, 36). The argument now arises that if the situation was the other way around and Martin had shot the white man, he for sure would have been arrested. However, George Zimmerman was free after just a few explanations. On the other hand, according to Time in an article just last week the law is based on a very old law known by castle doctrine. This ancient doctrine gave people the right to use “deadly force” if a stranger enters your home and intends to harm. In 2005 though, Florida changed this law so it applies anywhere, not just the home (Cloud, 36). This law is discriminatory in the nature. Since Zimmerman has not been arrested, many people protested and are showing that they believe the law is flawed.The magazine article ended with this comment, “The case will unfold slowly in court and will offer only agony to Martins parents. But even if Zimmerman is eventually charged, it should be Floridas gun laws that go on trial” (Cloud, 39). There are no fast solutions to this problem of laws that are racist but something could surely be done. It is important for law-makers….


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