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Racial and ethnic differentials

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Racial and ethnic differentials in education and incomeSUMMARY This course has focused on dimensions of social inequality. We explored issues by interpreting empirical, objective data; analyzing historical and current factors that contribute to inequality; and assessing possible solutions. Similarly, for your last reflection, you will reflect on course materials as you prepare to write a two-page (or more) persuasive letter about an issue of your choosing. Your letter must include 1) a fact-based summary of data and historical facts about the issue and 2) your proposal as to what should be done about the issue. Your letter may be to a government official (e.g., your state or federal legislative representative, President Trump), the president or CEO of a business (local or national), the president or leader of a non-profit organization, or any other person in a position of authority with the ability to address your concerns. Alternately, you may write a “letter to the editor” of a newspaper. The intent of a letter to the editor is generally to publicly make a point; it is not directly addressed to someone who can tackle the problem.  The most important aspect of this assignment is that you showcase your individual understanding of topics we have discussed throughout this semester by composing a well-written letter that demonstrates deep thought, comprehension, and an ability to think sociologically. BODY OF THE LETTER  1. Identify who you are writing to and why you have chosen this person. 2. Explain the issue you are writing about and why it is of concern to you. 3. Make your argument about why this issue is considered a dimension of social inequality and why it must be addressed. Offer data or other evidence to make your case. 4. Explain the factors (social, political, economic, and/or cultural) that have led to the creation or perpetuation of this issue. 5. Offer solutions and explain how you have reached your conclusions and how the issue can be remedied. On what level(s) must change occur (macro, micro, both)? • If you are writing to a person in a position of authority, state what you think the recipient of your letter should do about the issue and provide several arguments as to the validity of your proposed solution. • If you are writing a letter to the editor, state what you think should be done and by whom. Also, state what you want the audience (newspaper readers) to do with the information and arguments you are providing. 6. Close your letter with an “In conclusion…” section where you summarize your concern, your evidence  and your suggestions. Leave a space to “sign” your letter.SOURCES Assigned course materials will provide the foundation for the letter. There is no requirement for you to include outside sources. However, some outside research will likely be necessary, such as facts or information from other (credible*) sources to illustrate your points. Please use in-text citations in the body of the letter. Also, include quotation marks if you directly quote a source (though this should be done sparingly). Finally, a separate works cited/references page attached to the end of your letter should list ALL references (including course material). Remember, failure to cite your sources, whether intentional or not, is plagiarism. *Any outside references not read as a part of this class should be reliable, unbiased, and fact-based – Wikipedia is not a reliable source! FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS As this is a letter, you should use a formal letter format. If you are not sure how to format a formal letter, review the templates available in a word processing package like Microsoft Word. If you still have questions about the formatting, please ask me. Your letter should be:  • A minimum of two FULL pages long • Single-spaced (with one blank space between paragraphs) • 12 point Times New Roman font with 1” margins • Consistent citation format – use whichever citation style you are most familiar with (APA, MLA, ASA, etc), just stay consistent


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