Race in our everyday lives

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Essay Race in our everyday lives. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This conflict involved two people: an African and Irish man. The African ethnic background belongs to the Indo-Mediterranean race. This is one of the southern branches of the big European race. This race is common in southern Europe, North Africa, Arabia, Iraq, southern Iran and North India (Haddon, 22-50). It has local versions. In the zones of contact with Caucasians in North Africa and Arabia two transition anthropological types were formed. On the northern border of the area there is the Balkan- Caucasian race, on the southwest – the Ethiopian and the Negro, the south -east – the Dravidian (Haddon, 22-50). The special mixed racial type combines the features of Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid races.The other man originates from the atlanto -Baltic race of the big European race. This race is an important element of the anthropological composition of Norwegians, Swedes, Scots, Irish, Danish, Russian, Belarusian, Baltic peoples, partly found in the populations of the northern regions of France, Germany and Finland (Haddon, 22-50). A small proportion of this race can be found in the European lands. There are two main Irish values: the first – family and the other is education. In this they are similar to Africans. Africans attitude to life is expressed in the moral values of family, procreation, kinship (Pepin, 245-255). Africans believe that an individual is still not a person but a project person. he becomes only person in the family, when there he has his firstborn. Desire for procreation, augmentation of vital energy is one of the most important incentives for life (Pepin, 245-255). Such an attitude towards children led a number of peoples in the formation of the moral norm that defines the value of the childs birth in marriage and before marriage and outside marriage.Traditional value of life and the consequent attitude towards children comes into conflict with Christian values and moral standards. A child born

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