Quantitative research

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The population is one hundred and three pregnant teenagers attending antenatal care within the problem statement. The problem statement includes the part of the population that relates to the study or research. The part of the population affected in this case is the youth section and specifically teenagers. The problem relates to nursing perfectly. This is because the issue of pregnancies is on the health sector and health officers or nurses should come up with a method that will effectively control this situation. Nurses have the mandate to organize workshops that educate youths on the appropriate use of contraceptives in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The main purpose of this study was to find out the factors that facilitate the rise of teenage pregnancies in a village of the Capricorn district that is located in the Limpopo province. Some of the factors include:

The ignorance boosted by cultural taboos to discuss sex appropriately with parents always perceive peer pressure. This makes young girls in such communities to acquire unnecessary pregnancies (Babbie & Mouton, 2009).The independent of dependent and independent variables are appropriately reviewed in this research. The dependent variable is because of output while the independent variable is because of input. The review of these elements is in the research whereby the age of the teenagers represents the independent variable and the result or pregnancy represents the dependent variable. Strengths generate from within the organization. The strengths of this study based on the availability of information needed since they were operating in one village. This situation did not require many resources. The study had weaknesses in that it was unable to spread the project and relevant information to other villages within the district. There is a clear linkage of the dependent and independent variable in this study.

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