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Quantitative Research Manuscript Critique

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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Quantitative Research Manuscript Critique.1365). Among the independent variables includes the effects of emotional intelligence education to the students while the dependent variables included the development of emotional intelligence in children (p. 1367).The research question of the manuscript at hand was “How did emotional intelligence program affect the emotional intelligence of young children”. To answer the research question at hand, a personal information form research instrument was utilized in the collection of demographic characteristics’ data.The used scale, the Sullivan Emotional Intelligence Scale comprised of scales for children intelligence, empathy scale, and teacher rating scale. These scales, as applied to the present manuscript indicate a validity and reliability of 0.68 to 0.90 and 0.97 to 0.99 respectively (p. 1367). Under the emotional intelligence scale. recognition, understanding, and management of emotions are tested. On the other hand, empathy scale aimed at measuring the empathic reaction of the control group, comprised of children only.The results from the study were collected and entered into an SPSS statistical analysis software where Covariance Analysis was conducted to compare the group that was enrolled to the program and that which was not (pp. 1367-1368). Since the analysis method was experimental in design, the use of T-test was essential.Ulutas, I., & Omeroglu, E. (2007). The Effects of an Emotional Intelligence Education Program on the Emotional Intelligence of Children. Social Behavior and Personality, Vol. 35 No. 10. pp. 1365-1372. Accessed online on November 25, 2014 from


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