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Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis

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BE ON TIME AND ORIGINAL WORK!PLEASE DON’T ASK FOR ASSIGNMENT IF YOU’RE UNSURE HOW TO COMPLETE THE WORK..PLEASE READ DIRECTIONDATA ATTACHED AND TEMPLATE THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis, you constructed basic contingency (crosstab) tables. You might be surprised to learn that you can estimate a simple logistic regression model, with a categorical predictor, using the descriptive values presented in the crosstab table. In this assignment, you use Microsoft Excel to construct a specialized tool that creates basic logistic regression models given a crosstab/contingency table. As if that were not useful enough, this Excel tool is not specialized—you can use it given any crosstab/contingency tables you encounter in research. In the field of statistical research, this is just about as exciting as you can get!To prepareReview the sections in the Osborne text that present a template for constructing an Excel worksheet. Review the video in the Learning Resources, in which Dr. Matt Jones explains how to harness the power of Excel using contingency tables. Think about the types of variables that are useful for crosstab tables.The AssignmentUsing one of the datasets provided, select two variables that allow you to construct a 2×2 contingency table. Use SPSS to run the initial crosstab table, using any two variables that you think are appropriate. Then, use Excel to construct a table in which you report:Conditional probabilities Conditional odds Logits Odds ratios Relative risk SlopeBe sure to apply the template from the Osborne text.. Be sure to use formulas and cell references in Excel so that the spreadsheet you create can be used as a tool for calculating similar values for other datasets (ATTACHED)Once you have created the tool, write a 1- to 2-paragraph summary in APA format interpreting your results. Submit both your Excel file and your summary to complete this assignment.Note from Teacher (READ CAREFULLY)You need to attach two documents to the submission area for the Week 4 assignment (the gradebook will allow you to submit both documents–I cannot grade without both):1.  The filled out excel file. (You do not need any interpretation of this document)2.  The completed stats assignment template (the same template you have used for every other stats assignment in the course).  The information in the stats assignment template needs to be taken from the logistic regression analysis you need to do in SPSS. (You need to run a regular logistic regression analysis is SPSS to complete this.).From the original Week 4 announcement:Directions for the Stats Assignment template: For the stats assignment template you will not be using the Excel file for your results (however, you do need to attach the Excel document when submitting your assignment).  You will be conducting a complete logistic regression analysis in SPSS and reporting those results in your stats assignment template.Logistic Regression ExampleResearch Question:  How do coping ability and stress levels from teaching predict burnout in lecturers?Null Hypothesis (H0):  There is no statistically significant predictive relationship between coping ability, stress from teaching, and burnout in lecturers.Alternative Hypothesis (HA):  There is a statistically significant predictive relationship between coping ability, the stress from teaching, and burnout in lecturers.Independent Variables (IVS):Coping style: 1-100, the higher the score the better able to copeStress from teaching: 1-100, the higher the score the higher the indicated stress levelDependent Variable:Burnout:  1-100, the higher the score the higher indicated burnoutResultsA logistic regression was conducted to determine the predictive relationship and odds ratio between coping style, stress from teaching, and burnout in lecturers. Coping style (p=.004) and stress from teaching (p=.04) were both related to burnout at a statistically significant levels. A lecturer who reported better coping (each increase of score of 1) was .87 times more likely (less likely as <1) to experience burnout (exp(b)= .87). A lecturer who reported more stress (each increase of score of 1) from teaching was 1.97 times more likely to experience burnout (exp(b)=1.968). Therefore, the null hypothesis would be rejected and the alternative hypothesis accepted.Use the following stats template for the assignment:  Be sure to include your data output with your analysis.  ***You need to submit 1) the Excel file and 2) your stats template filled out.  You can submit both documents to the gradebook (it will accept both in the same submission). Please note that I cannot grade until I have both documents.***


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