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Quantitative Problem

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Quantitative Problem: Bellinger Industries is considering two projects for inclusion in its capital budget, and you have been asked to do the analysis. Both projects’ after-tax cash flows are shown on the time line below. Depreciation, salvage values, net operating working capital requirements, and tax effects are all included in these cash flows. Both projects have 4-year lives, and they have risk characteristics similar to the firm’s average project. Bellinger’s WACC is 10%.Project -1,250 700370200310AProject -1,250 280315395750BWhat is Project Delta’s IRR? Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to two decimal places.% What is the significance of this IRR?It is the | -Select-:J. after this point when mutually exclusive projects are considered there is no conflict in project acceptance between the NPV and IRR approaches.Review the graphs below. Select the graph that correctly represents the correct NPV profile for Projects A and B by using the following drop down menu.-Select- 9NPV Profiles ANPV Profiles BNPV Profiles CNPV Profiles DENPV 15ENPY 15ENPY IS800Soo100100-300206LOO2030-10015303010-1002030-200-200Cost of Capital Is1200200300400-300-400-400400


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