Quality standards comparison

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Write a 2 page essay on Quality Standards Comparison.CMS hospital process of care measures includes the following guidelines: the seven measures related to heart attack care. the four measures related to heart failure care. the six measures related to pneumonia care. nine measures related to surgical care improvement project. and the three measures related to asthma care for children only (HHS, 2011). The measures are regularly updated and are based on scientific evidence relating to treatments that are known to produce the best outcomes for the mentioned conditions.The CMS standards and the joint commission (TJC) standards are quite similar in that they both include measures for the above mentioned medical conditions. They share unity of purpose in that they are both intended to provide information on recommended measures for best results in treatments of some medical conditions and surgical operations care. Another similarity is that TJC provides the information for CMS reports information on children’s asthma care measures and the two organizations worked jointly to come up with the measures for acute myocardial infarction and heart failure (HHS, 2011). TJC standards are wide in scope than the CMS standards in that in addition to the five mentioned measure sets they include measures for hospital based inpatient psychiatric services, hospital outpatient department measures and perinatal care (TJC, 2010). Additionally, CMS relies on information from claims and enrollment data for patients in original Medicare and does not rely on information from people in Medicare advantage plans or people without Medicare while TJC relies on information from a wide variety of stakeholders including people having no any Medicare (HHS, 2011). Thus due to differences in data sources the quality of information recommended by the two bodies’ measures may be different in some scope such as relevance, and applicability. Based on this analysis I would recommend that health care settings to adopt TJC standards as supplementary to

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