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Quality of Leadership and Improving Teamwork

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Assignment

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question:

Ways on Increasing the Quality of Leadership and Improving Teamwork Success.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. For the long term success of the company, high efficiency and productivity of employees and&nbsp.to improve organization culture, leaders should learn the ways to improve the quality of leadership and teamwork at workplaces. Being a consultant, I would tell you about different practices through which you can achieve these two aims and I would keep on giving your the examples of leadership of Bill Gates in Microsoft and teamwork practices at Microsoft will be given.

Leadership can be defined as a process to influence the activities of a group of people for the achievement of goals. In this process, the leader through his interpersonal skills seeks to influence the behavior of others in a social context. The definition of the interpersonal process of leadership shows that performance of workers at the workplace is directly influenced by leaders. Therefore, this report will highlight the ways to improve leadership quality and teamwork success at workplace. To explain the ways three approaches will be used. First, by taking into consideration the theoretical framework, the best leadership style will be determined. Second, based on the concepts of organizational behavior, the recommendations will be given.

Third, operational issues and real-world practices will be taken into consideration. Knowing the leadership theories to improve the quality of leadership is important because these theories reveal a series of schools of thoughts. The given theories will highlight how they have evolved from Great man and trait theories to transformation leadership theories. All of these theories have been presented to show how different leadership styles impact the behavior of others. The difference between the early and new theories is that the early theories used to give more focus towards the characteristics and behavior of successful leaders whereas. the later theories consider the role of followers and nature of leadership in a contextual framework (Bolden, Gosling, Marturano & Dennison, 2003).

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