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Quality of a final draft.Here is the Research ProposalResearch Proposal            The Mexican Revolution of 1910 was when the middle class of Mexico combined their efforts to rise up against Mexico’s dictator, Porfirio Diaz. Porfirio Diaz was a military official who had come to power through a coup.  Diaz, unlike the rulers before him had Mexico actually becoming the envy of Latin Mexico because of Mexico’s credit rating was so great.             With Mexico flourishing financially under the rule of Porfirio Diaz, why then six months after world representatives would visit Mexico to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of Mexico’s Independence would Diaz be overthrown?            Once Diaz is overthrown Mexico would enter into a battle for leadership among the countries elite. The Revolution basically turned into a Civil War with shifting powers fighting for control of the country. The citizens of Mexico were ready for a new leader after Diaz changed is mind of stepping down as President. The biggest challenge to Diaz remaining as President came from Francisco I. Madero.            Was Mexico ready for a change in their entire political system? Once Diaz was removed from power was the country going to move into a new system without any hiccups?  This is the debate on if the Mexican Revolution was beneficial for Mexico?

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