Quality Management

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Reflect on how the article addresses the topics presented in the Key Points or in the assigned reading in Quality Management.Consider how the topics presented in this article could apply to your current (or previous) work setting.Respond to the following questions as you use critical thinking:What is your conclusion (see document for the definition of conclusion)?Analyze your conclusionEvaluate your premises. Use either inductive or deductive logic.State the results of your evaluation.Complete the critical thinking matrix.Respond the following questions by drafting short responses:Discuss an ongoing situation in your current (or previous) work setting.How could the topics discussed in this article apply to this situation?If applied, how would the situation improve and/or change?In addition to the information presented in this article, what other information do you have that supports your conclusion(s)?To successfully complete the action item you must demonstrate critical thinking skills.Prepare a 1-page  as though you were communicating with your supervisor about the ongoing situation you described in the previous action item.Explain, based on your responses to the questions in the previous action item, your thoughts about how the situation could be improved and/or changed. Do not write responses to the questions, instead prepare a memo in a narrative format as though you were writing to your supervisor. Support your suggestions.

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