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Purposes of guilt and responsibility

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In 1200-1500 words, please address the following prompt: Which theory of free will (hard determinist, compatibilist, libertarian) do you find most convincing? Or, like William James and the Existentialists, do you find that we need to believe in freedom for practical purposes of guilt and responsibility? Be sure to engage at least two figures from our textbook. No outside sources beyond the textbook are needed, but please be sure to cite any source you use in a works cited or in footnotes, including the textbook (remember to cite by chapter and section, e.g. Chaffee 4.2, since we don’t have page numbers in the online text). Excellent papers will have grammatical and stylistic quality, factual accuracy, a clear thesis and evidence for one’s claim, and citations. Each paper counts for 10% of the final grade.


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