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Public speaking scenarios

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Part 1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Consider each of the public speaking scenarios below and discuss some of the factors that impact the communication process.

Public speaking to a live (in person) audience.

Given this channel (face-to-face), what are some of the problems that can occur with sending your message (think of technology you might use to present)? What types of noise around the receiver(s) might impact delivery of the message (discuss external and internal noises that might occur)? What can the speaker do to help the audience better receive the message? Public speaking via teleconference (phone/video).

Given this channel (teleconference), what are some of the problems that can occur with sending the message? What types of noise around the receiver(s) might impact delivery of the message (consider external and internal noise)? What can the public speaker do to ensure better communication with the audience? What can the receiver(s) do to ensure better receipt of the message?

Part 2.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:“When dealing with Public speaking to a live audience in person, there are multiple problems that can occur. You can be presenting to a large crowd so you have to use a microphone, and it could stop working, the speaker could also go out, making it hard for people to hear you. I personally do not like to speak in front of large crowds or in front of people that I do not know. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and speaking in front of large groups of people induces my anxiety to the max. I much rather have a presentation over the phone or internet using a WebEx.

Recently I have transitioned to working from home for the time being due to the current pandemic. I normally would have team meeting with my team that I work with face to face but since we have not been able to do that, we have been using teleconference tools via the Internet using video connections. I must present my teams month ends numbers and go over reports at the end of each month to my superiors, I had to present it using Zoom and we had a little difficulty with the sound. Some peoples’ headsets would go in and out. Making it difficult to understand some questions that they were asking me. I did feel more comfortable presenting via the video chat than in person. I would recommence people checking their internet connection before trying to start a teleconference. I also would make sure that you’re not in a room that echoes, that could make it hard to hear as well. Just plan ahead and you will be better off.” – Alexandra V.

Part 3.

Reply to the following thread in a minimum of 100 words:“Public speaking to a live (in person) audience has so much more impact than speaking via phone/video. Majority of the impact of public speaking comes from the body language, and eye contact. Public speaking can also be nerve wrecking, which can lead to unsuccessful delivery of the speech. Technology like microphones, and sound systems should always get tested before any presentation to ensure there are no technical difficulties during a presentation. Public speaking via phone/video, although gets the message across is not just doesn’t have as big of an impact as publicly having a meeting or speaking. You are not able to make eye contact or read peoples body language. You are not able to connect over a phone/video as well as you can connect when you are face to face in a room. Although as of recent with COVID-19 most of us have learned that phone/video conference calls still very well get the job done. Some of the problems I run into while trying to perform a video or phone call is bad connectivity. If I get disconnected mid-way through, the meeting is basically on hold, until we are all back online. Phone services can cut out or drop the call. Either way things can go wrong with either option to present, but in person is still my favorite.” – Veronica H.


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