Psychology of motivation or setting goals

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Write a research paper on psychology of motivation or setting goals to lose weight. Needs to be 5 pages. . The weight loss in individuals is never only about food. The dietary element, for example, is just a given percentage of the whole process. Individuals wholly willing to shed the extra pounds in them must complete an overhaul in certain behavioral patterns. This behavioral overhaul is done to healthily fight against excessive weights while trying to reduce their excess weights. A familiar formula to weight loss, which misdirects weighty individuals, equals diet and exercise. This formula is only complete when the psychological aspect is added in. This is because of weight loss, in most cases, is psychologically driven. Adherence to a weight loss regimen inclusive of personal changes is a chain of psychologically interrelated matters that must be addressed via psychological aspects of weight loss. Exercising and dieting are insufficient practices hence need willpower and self-control. Self-control and willpower have largely complicated weight loss, making the whole process ripe to failure and very arduous. There is a need for equal usage of minimal but important amounts of willpower and self-control for a less falsifiable weight-loss reduction scheme. This research paper explains the psychology of motivation or setting goals to lose weight. Firstly, psychological weight loss motivation looks at the individual’s ego, the picture of an individual’s self in mind. The ego excessively undermines whether an individual will be willing and ready to undergo weight-loss programs. In cases where the overweight individuals lack self-understanding egos, the psychology of motivation may act better towards inducting these individuals into weight-loss programs (Brown, 2007). With an outstanding goal of making weight-loss programs, overly psychological entities, principles, and psychological practice illustrate the success of resolving weight loss problems through a more framed and automatic process. The psychological motivation of weight loss does not need many self-defeating efforts but a lot of composure and a self-motivational approach to overweight individuals (Boyer & Paharia, 2008). Weight loss, therefore, is equivalent in the formula to the diet, exercise, adherence, and personal changes. These psychological attributes will spearhead advanced and motivating weight loss programs full of understanding therapeutically.The first aspect is adherence. adherence to diet psychologically is the most traumatizing and self-demeaning weight-loss regimen therapeutically.

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