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Protocol RCT

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Protocol RCT.For instance methods for recruitment such as criteria for inclusion and exclusion have been considered, again the sample sizes is large, there is randomization , inclusion of controls, blind procedures, clearly stated hypothesis, ethic considerations ,method for data analysis, are all well explained. In the introduction the author explains that the current intervention measures for improving cognitive deficits such as ACTIVE are not very effective and this justifies the study.This study will be of great importance to the available body of cognitive functioning considering that its success can lead to development of intervention software for the purposes of improving cognitive deficits and brain memory which are common during aging. This study can also help in finding out if there are health effects associated with the intervention. It may also provide insights in to other factors (cognitive domains) that may be associated with cognitive functioning other than age. There is also a die need to develop effective and efficient training interventions that improve cognitive functions in older people. It should be considered that these non pharmacological interventions can play a critical role in improving cognitive functioning and should be

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