Proposal for a learning experiment

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You will write a proposal for a learning experiment. You may choose the type of learning, the subject, and the methods by which you will accomplish your learning goals. You will need to write this paper using APA style (as listed in your syllabus). Use at least FIVE (5) references to support your proposal (books or journal articles- No online references from webpages, however, online journal articles will be accepted). DO NOT COPY SOMETHING FROM THE INTERNET; I WILL BE CHECKING! Please follow the directions below.

Use Chapter 2 on Research Methods and Chapter 6 on Learning. Write a full four page double-spaced document (using 12 Time New Roman).The document should include all the steps of research; sections should include: Introduction of the problem: (tell me the history of your topic) including leading researchers in the field-the field of LEARNING IN GENERAL OR A SPECIFIC TYPE OF LEARNING; A general presentation of the research problem; Lay out exactly what you are trying to achieve with this particular research project. What is your Hypothesis? Method:

Describe the subjects of the research (who, how many, etc); explain your materials, step by step procedure for gathering data and completing experiment, how will the measurement be made, what will be your role as the experimenter? How will you know when learning has occurred? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! How will you know when the experiment is complete? Timeline for procedures?

Results: What do you expect to find? What will you do with the results? If you were to present the results of your study, where and how will you present them? Discussion and Conclusion: What was difficult about this type of research proposal? What things would you have done differently? What parts did you struggle with the most? Could you see yourself as a research in the future? BE creative in your learning experiment! Don’t use the same boring studies from real life like teaching a monkey, rat, or rabbit to push a button…. BE CREATIVE!!

This is a unique assignment where you can let your imagination run wild! So, teach a unicorn how to play cards!!! Anything goes.. it just has to be a LEARNING Experiment! You will include a Reference page (per APA style) with your paper that does not count towards your four pages. You will include a title page; it will not count towards your page requirement as well.

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