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Write an essay on Project proposal and outlineHow social media, Web sharing, and/or similar trends on the Internet will affect social and personal behaviors. It needs to be at least 500 words.These sites have an adverse effect on molding the personal traits and attributes of the users (Hayta, 2013).In a recent study it has been observed that the social media has an adverse effect on the teens. Masses of the youth population are the largest users of the social networking sites and spent larger portion of their day in web sharing. As argued by various theorists, social networking sites acts as a reason for the social compensation among the young adults. Moreover, this even creates a tendency for this group of people, to be more focused on virtual relationships than creating a traditional social relationship (Das & Sahoo, 2011. Eckerd College, n.d.).It has been observed that the inclination towards the social networking has rapidly gained momentum in the present world. This phenomenon has been instigating psychological distances among the real world on one hand and reducing distances among the virtual world in the other. People are observed to be more comfortable in building a virtual relationship than traditional relationship. Moreover, through this ‘social networking sites’ people can mitigate their feeling of loneliness easily. These tendencies have in turn increased the individual’s dependency on the social networking sites and thus social relationships are being hampered (Das & Sahoo, 2011. Marlow & Dabbish, 2011).It has been observed that through social networking people get to know each other, which help them to communicate easily. In contrary to this phenomenon, it can be argued that social networking websites makes the introvert more secluded from the real world. This blocks the person mental development and prevents the person from spending a quality of life. This attachment with the virtual world increases the person’s isolation from the real world (Jackson, 2010).The different modes of the social networking increase the amount of

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