Program Analysis-Enterting the workforce at a later age

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Write an article on Program Analysis-Enterting the workforce at a later age. It needs to be at least 500 words. Entertaining the Workforce at a Later Age Entertaining the Workforce at a Later Age Introduction The aging population inthe workplace requires having strategic measures taken to demonstrate care and concern for them. This group of people has boring schedules in their home and has many factors leading to stress and depression. The issue chosen for this module is entertaining the workforce at a later age. This is an important issue to ensure that employees are continually motivated to work. This paper discusses the importance of entertainment for employees at a later age in the workplace.DiscussionEntertainment helps to kill boredom in the workplace. In many organizations, the workforce ends up getting used to the work environment, a factor that continually creates monotony and boredom. The issue is important because it ensures that all employees remain lively and with elevated spirits. Studies have confirmed that boredom in the workplace reduces employee productivity. People at a later age also continually lose taste and interest in life (Gregory, 2001). They have many depressing life experiences, have families with needs, and think about their life after retirement. These factors may significantly impact on their performance in the workplace if they are not properly looked into. They want an environment full of joy and comfort, especially joy that leads to mental comfort. The later is best attained through entertainment activities.Entertainment affects new workers, single and working couples in a number of ways. It allows the workers to have some joyous space away from the stressing circumstances of daily life. Through entertainment, new workers acclimatize better to the workplace environment by learning to socialize easily with the other employees (Gregory, 2001). The socialization factor is enhanced by the elevated moods of the employees that enable them to talk openly, share ideas and experiences of life. The workplace becomes another home with entertainment and leisure joints over and above the busy schedule. Working couples at a later age may also lack entertainment and fun in their homes. Most of their children are married, working, or studying. This creates an environment of boredom in their homes. Entertainment in the workplace makes them prefer and enjoy being at the workplace. The more they extend their stay at the workplace, the more their productivity increases. They develop a passion and preference for the workplace that makes them good performers.The best workplace program for dealing with entertainment of aged workforce is by initiation of an entertainment joint at the workplace. After the busy work schedule, the workplace may have a session of refreshment and entertainment before workers leave to their homes. The entertainment session may also be set for certain days of the week. The employees are made to like the workplace environment and prefer being in the workplace than going early at home where no one is there to entertain them. They also develop a feeling of appreciation for the employer. They feel that the employer caters for their social and psychological needs.Another workplace program that would be effective in dealing with the entertainment issue is having the employees enjoy modern forms of entertainment such as the internet. The organization may have Wi-Fi hotspots where employees can visit after completion of their professional duties. At these joints, they can serve the internet and enjoy chatting with friends, colleagues and relatives.ConclusionEmployees need to be motivated in all stages and ages. Entertainment is one of the best ways to kill boredom in the workplace. It creates a jovial environment and allows both the young and the old to socialize and share experiences of life. Employees are also not in a hurry to leave the workplace for their homes because the workplace environment makes them able to cope with stressing situations of daily life.ReferencesGregory, R. F. (2001). Age discrimination in the American workplace: Old at a young age. New Brunswick, N.J [u.a.: Rutgers University Press.

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