Production of merchandise companies

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Prepare and submit a paper on enhancing production of merchandise companies through resources. Most merchandising is coming from developing countries while developed countries grow in demand. The gap that has been created can be altered through a funding agency that can offer funding to speed up the process within specific industries. An example that can be considered is the data processing and electronics industry, with most manufacturing occurring in India and China. Altering the available resources to these industries can provide more opportunities to those that are involved in manufacturing (Langhammer, 2002). The merchandise industry is one that continues to grow in demand. At the same time, most corporations are outsourcing merchandise processes to outside countries.The merchandise manufacturing process comes from developing countries that don’t have the tools, resources or benefits of other countries, such as India and China. For example, the electronics industry is currently booming in the United States and Western Europe. The demands for exports continue to increase for the processing of data and to make different pieces of technology. Even though this demand grows, specifically by adding in newer technologies, developing countries don’t have the resources or the same amount of technology to add to the needed components of the business. The problem is based on a gap between developing and developed countries that are slowing down the available resources and merchandise products that are currently in demand (Langhammer, 2002). The main problem that is associated with the merchandise of electronics is the gap of resources that are available. To change this, new developments are required to speed up the process of electronics that are available, specifically by altering the amount of technology that is available through different manufacturers. This needs to be furthered by approaching the trade reforms with new standards that are required for the development. Currently, the trade policies vary& region as well as through political agendas that are set by different sectors.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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