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Problem of cyber attacks

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Write a research paper on the problem of cyber attacks. Needs to be 5 pages. . According to Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, CEO of National Security Agency said: “I’d like to say that our networks are secure, but that would not be correct. We have vulnerabilities.” (Gorman, 2009).In the book written by Richard Clark and Robert Knake called the Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to do about it, they explain how a major cyber attack on the United States could cripple the economy and leave thousands of people dead. In the present scenario, a major cyber attack can be envisioned to have various deleterious consequences as explained in the below fictional situation beginning with the United States being hit by a sophisticated cyber-attack and the Director of Defense Information Agency briefing the Secretary of Defense that an unclassified Department of Defense (DOD) network known as NIRPRNET is collapsing. This is soon followed by two of the classified networks of DOD, SIPRNET, AND JWICS, coming to a grinding halt. In the following days, two regional offices of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Philadelphia and Denton report large refinery fires. There are reports of a chlorine gas leak from several chemical plants in New Jersey and Delaware. In addition to the above, the Federal Aviation Administration National Air Traffic Control Center in Herdon, Virginia is experiencing a total collapse of their systems. There are also reports from the alternate center in Leesburg that several regional centers were unable to see the incoming aircraft. As the situation worsens, the Indianapolis center reports a midair collision of two 737 aircraft. The Federal Railroad Administration has suffered a major freight derailment in Long Beach, Norfolk, Chicago, and Kansas City. By 3.15 pm, subways in New York, Oakland, and Washington have crashed and the numbers of midair collisions are rapidly increasing. Pipelines carrying natural gas to the Northeast have exploded resulting in a cloud of poisonous gas over several&nbsp.cities. There has been a wipeout of terabytes of information centers freezing the financial system of the country. Weather, navigation, and communication satellites are spinning out of their orbits into space.


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