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Probability of drawing each color

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If you draw an M&M candy at random from a bag of the candies, the candy you draw will have one of six colors. The probability of drawing each color depends on the proportion of each color among all candies made. What must be the probability of drawing a blue candy? (b) The probabilities for peanut M&M”s are a bit different. What is the probability that a peanut M&M chosen at random is blue? (c) What is the probability that a plain M&M is any of red, yellow, or orange? What is the probability that a peanut M&M has one of these colors? We can learn which assignment is actually accurate for a particular die only by rolling the die many times. However, some of the assignments are not legitimate assignments of probability. That is, they do not obey the rules. Which are legitimate and which are not?


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