Prison environment

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Writean article on the prison environment Paper must be at least 1750 words. On an overall basis, the situational theory appears to offer some valid insight into the reasons for criminal behavior, however, research on its specific application may need to be supplemented by additional studies. The situational perspective in psychology is based upon a dynamic view of human action and is based upon the premise that it is not so much the criminal disposition of the offender as the environment of the potential crime scene that could lead an individual into criminal behavior. One of the proponents of this theory is Clarke (1997) who states that people behave the way they do because of who they are so that when they see an opportunity for a criminal act in the environment, they seize it. Therefore, the means to control such behavior is viewed as lying in reducing such opportunities for crime and by making criminal behavior an unattractive option. (Cornish and Clarke, 1986). In other instances, criminal behavior may occur as a result of unrelated factors such as stress, which could trigger a criminal reaction the individual would not normally display (Wortley ). Wortley (2002) argues that the same principles used in situational management to prevent crime may also be used within the prison setting to reduce the incidence of criminal and offending behavior. Since it is the factors in the environment that are likely to generate certain types of behavior, the control of those factors is likely to elicit better patterns of behavior. Behavioral theories were put forward by Pavlov and clinical psychology manages behavior through the use of stimuli and operant conditioning. On this basis, behavior in the prison environment will be influenced by the immediate cues in the environment. The social learning theory proposed by Bandura (1976) attributes individuals with the capacity for conceptual thought, as a result, responses to external stimuli such as those mentioned above are subject to an intermediary cognitive process.

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