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Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Pricing and Quality. To provide a top quality healthcare service, our healthcare organization can benefit as it fulfills the ultimate objective of a patient which is none other than obtaining a quality healthcare service and we are here to provide that quality service to every patient. There are different justifications for negotiating the rates with the managed care organizations such that a long term relation with those managed care organizations can ensured in future, assurance of charging high price from the customer but expecting an exchange of providing the top quality service from the managed care organization to the patients, ensuring the managed care organization to increase their share in the profits in the future if they kept providing higher quality services to both the healthcare organization as well as to the patients. As the healthcare organization is in its early stage therefore in order to make an impact upon the patients, initially higher quality of healthcare must be provided to them even at a lower cost, but as the healthcare organization will be gaining more popularity, the price charged from the patients can be………..


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