Preventative Services for Vulnerable Children

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Submit a term paper on Preventative Services for Vulnerable Children. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. Those children who manage to survive fall victims to malnutrition, illness, sexual abuse etc. (UNICEF, 2008)A child in midst of HIV is vulnerable to global crisis. They lack basic nutrition, schooling, and an added burden of discrimination from the rest. Social care for the vulnerable children is a priority issue for government and local authorities.This act was passes by the U.K. government to provide services for children and young people, adoption of new panels, child safety orders, and publishing material for those children involved in legal proceedings.This act ensures that every child should be given the support to lead a healthy life by providing proper medical diagnosis and treatment, to lead a threat free and safety life, to learn and understand life, to achieve through learning, make a positive contribution to the society in any form that is possible for them, to achieve economic well-being and to improve the status of the family. (Opsi, 2008)Child Matters is being implemented. A range of guidance documents has been produced to assist local partners in delivering this programme, including statutory guidance under the Children Act 2004. ‘The government created the Every Child Matters agenda in 2003 as a new approach which would integrate all work done with children and families on a continuum from universal services for all children to the targeted work with the most vulnerable’ quote Pugh ,and Duffy (2006:188,189)To children and families this means easy access to information and advice, easy means of support and assurance of well being of children at risk. There are a number of provisions made according to the children act. This act seeks to strengthen the existing notification arrangements for private fostering, with a power to introduce a registration scheme if these notification schemes do not prove to be effective. It tries to clarify and simplify the registration of child minders and providers of day care. This act makes provision for the level of payments to be made to foster parents caring for looked after children placed with them by local authorities and to foster parents caring for children placed with them by voluntary organizations and also provides for an extension of inspection powers. This creates a new duty for local authorities to promote the educational achievement of looked after children and an associated power to transmit data relating to individual children. This tends to remove now unnecessary provisions in relation to social services committees. This act allows for the payment of fees to adopt review panel members and restricts the grounds on which the battery of a child may be justified as reasonable punishment. It provides grants to be paid across the range of children, young people and family services.

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