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Presidential Appointment Analysis

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Week 4 Presidential Appointment Analysis SOC 205. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The district courts are tasked with interpreting case precedents in deciding cases while the Appeals courts act as the stepping stone to Supreme Court (Geyh, 2006). David McKeague was nominated to 6th Circuit together with Susan Bieke Neilson. President Bush also nominated Miguel Estrada to D.C Circuit Court and Priscilla Owen to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (Geyh, 2006).

President Bush made the appointments based on each Judicial officer’s past career record and prior judicial rulings. For instance, William Myers had served as Deputy Counsel in Department of Energy under Bush administration and had made certain rulings in favor of Corporations rather than the public interest (Geyh, 2006). Janice Rogers Brown was nominated to D.C Circuit Court of Appeals, but was more inclined to conservative Republican politics in her speeches and had deep seated hostility towards civil rights and consumer protection which were the issues affecting D.C Circuit (Geyh, 2006).

President Bush expected the new judicial appoints to take Republican approach in matters concerning individual privacy and rights such as the right to abortion. President Bush also wanted the judicial officers to control the citizens’ agitation for more workers’ rights against discrimination and work related injuries (Geyh, 2006). Since the Republican’s had not clear majority in Senate, the President wanted to limit the rights of minorities and women through court rulings. President Bush also hoped the new judicial appointees would deliver a favorable ruling to his government on contentious issues that had been raised by interest groups such as right of homosexuals to marriage and abortion rights (Geyh, 2006).President Bush made controversial judicial hope expecting that all Court ruling would be in favor of the Republican position on the controversial matters such as abortion rights, homosexual marriages and the rights of


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