Practical Considerations in Gene Therapy

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Write an article on Practical Considerations in Gene Therapy.

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The important practical considerations pertain to applications, problems, ethics, communications, and prospects. Using the perspective of Culver (1994a), Cotrim and Baum explained that gene therapy is a procedure that “typically involves the insertion of a functioning gene cells to correct dysfunction or to provide new cellular functions.” Culver (1994a) is a physician’s handbook on gene therapy. In 1994, Culver (1994b) had already outlined a procedure for the clinical applications of gene therapy for cancers. When a medical situation involves defective genes, an option to use gene therapy arises. Some of the diseases that result from defective genes include immunodeficiency syndromes, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, and many types of cancers (Cotrim and Baum 2008, p. 97).

Another perspective on gene therapy comes from the United Kingdom Parliament Office on Science and Technology. According to the Office (2005, p. 1), gene therapy “involves the introduction of genetic material into a cell to treat disease. “Finally, another alternative definition of gene therapy is “transferring recombinant genetic material (DNA or RNA) to the host cell in order to change the gene expression in the host cell in order to change the gene expression in the host cell to attain therapeutic effect.” Most likely, the definitions we choose to adopt or highlight can be associated with the specific therapy or ailments on which we want gene therapy to work.

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