Power authority and influence

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Write an article on power authority and influence. brandmaker Paper must be at least 1250 words. BrandMaker is a case of leadership entangled with power struggle between the top management staff. The organization has not only lost focus on its goals, but it has also lost touch with its customers and clients since there is lack of clear leadership emanating from the management. In this regard therefore, the leadership of this company is being faced by both internal management challenges and other challenges related to other external factors. Led by the CEO, Tom Morris, Brandmaker management is being faced by various key issues to which they must address. Though Brand maker has been a game shaper especially in the marketing and advertising sector over decades, its operational methodology and functionalism tested and achieved efficacy seen, it has to strategize to remain relevant and competitive.Advancement in information communication technology has changed the way businesses are operated across the world. This has resulted into the increased competition in all industry due to ease of access to market and clients. However, with the increase in technology each day BrandMaker needs to put in place measures that would it remain relevant in the industry and be on a level ground with other companies competing in the same market. Changes in technology pose a great challenge to BrandMaker since it calls for an overhaul of its functioning and operations. Each day, customers’ needs change thus calls for clear understanding of these needs for organizations such as BrandMaker to remain competitive. This therefore means for the firm to keep the lead as it has been doing in the past they have to invest in the improvement of their technology. This would mean better measures on how to respond to the rising customer demands. The CEO and the entire management therefore need to build and invest more in new and emerging technology and come up with new product lines. The management is also obliged to ensure there is smooth transition in replacement of their personnel. For instance Brand maker has enjoyed services of some of its highly ranked officers and a change in their position is not an easy task. John Goodwin, for instance has served in Corporate Identity Marketing Division (CIM), as the head for over a decade (Banahan & Casse, 2007). This department has had tremendous growth especially in the performance of the marketing department and his replacement would pose great challenge to the CEO. He must therefore ensure that there is not only a smooth transition, but also continued upward performance of that department. BrandMaker is also being compelled to merger with EAD () from some of its management personnel, thou the two have differences with regard to their respective companies’ profile. While BrandMaker is focusing on being creative and innovative.

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