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Appealing to potential customers Harley emphasizes freedom gained by purchasing a bike and it relies on projecting women’s freedom by biking. For the more comic and her loving audiences Harley projects itself as a company building customizable bikes for the “Avengers”. Additionally, Harley relies on history to project its African American history based bikes and motorcycles. In contrast, Yamaha relies on the expression of freedom and on an emphasis on the outdoors to market its products to potential customers. Nearly all of the products on display at Yamaha’s website are pictured in the wild including bikes, snowmobiles, water scooters, boats and the like. Harley is most effective at its marketing ploy because it appeals to the interests of a larger audience by inculcating various target groups in its folds. In contrast, both Indian Motorcycles and Yamaha are restricted to marketing to confined target groups only.


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