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Postmodern turn in organizational

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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Discuss the relevance of the postmodern turn in organizational analysis. What implications does a concern with organization as a verb have for the study of organizational behaviour Draw on specific examples to illustrate your argument.During 1960’s the term postmodernism was used by the social scientists. The term got more acceptances in 1980s among various researchers and academicians (Boje et al, 1997, Boje 2007). This is characterised by the critical study of various art forms and describes a condition or aspects that can change the conditions of organisation. The term is related to the cultural and intellectuality. However the critics argue that the postmodernism is extremely complex and lacks interconnectedness. The contributors of the postmodernism thoughts are philosophers like Watkins, Marx, Derrida, Thompson and many others.There have been various efforts to link the postmodern turn with the organisational development. Human society and thought are the ever changing aspects. The development of the postmodernism approach for organisational analysis is always debatable.”Debates in organization studies which do not address this fundamental ontological distinction between modernism and postmodernism miss out on the potential contributions of a postmodern approach to organizational analysis.” (Chia, 1995, p.118)There has been argument over the development of the mainstream thought of the social studies and in the organisational context. These developments have impact on the processes of the organisation, knowledge and sharing of information (Greden, 1992. Hassard, 1993, Thompson 1993). The postmodern studies give emphasis on various types of issues of an organisational culture like language, values, norms, sharing of information and others. These issues have impact on the organisational development and the thought process of the individuals within an organisation. According to Chia (1995), “Organizations conveniently excluding a deliberate analysis of the very organizational contexts within which they themselves are constrained to operate” (p.7)Postmodernism is often linked with the intellectual


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