Population control

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Essay Population control through forced sterilization in the past and medication, food in the present. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.In this regard, the state observed a growth of compulsory sterilization laws that encompassed progressive era reforms and the popularity concerning the eugenic movements (Eccleston 2). The reformers proposed the use of mental institutions and prisons to separate these kinds of the population from the people. On the other hand, the eugenicists proposed that the elimination of such persons from the society is the sure way of curbing the problems of criminal tendencies and disabilities. In the contemporary society, there are modifications of eugenics to involve foods and vaccines that harm the populations. Arguably, the use of eugenics has profound adverse effects on the people that consume them, hence, they should be stopped.The medical communities targeted the feebleminded people in the communities because of the challenges posed by their increased numbers. For instance, the doctors referred to the feebleminded as morons, idiots, and imbeciles claiming that they are legible to initiate crime or settle on begging. Eccleston asserts that studies conducted during those times claimed that high-grade morons would grow to become prostitutes and criminals. The research added that, women of the feeble mind bred at very high rates, thus the need to curb this phenomenon since it led to many welfare dependents and crooks (Eccleston 4).Further, the officials of the public welfare elucidated the potential of social inadequacy by relating disability, the socioeconomic status, and criminality. The state then conducted a survey indicated various challenges amongst many individuals. Eccleston notes that, the President of Campell ascertained that the survey indicated a mutual interdependency between delinquency, dependency, and mental defects. The situation meant that there was enough evidence for the state to support the use of eugenics in population control (Eccleston 5).Due to sexual defiance in the society, the

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