Politics and the Media

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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Politics and the Media. In this similar context, the ratings or the polls have eventually acquired the attention of Americans’ attention political image of President Obama (The New York Times Company, “Obama Urges Speed on Immigration Plan, but Exposes Conflicts”).The New York Times is regarded as one of the renowned American based daily newspapers founded in the year 1851 in New York City. It has been viewed that the newspaper published one similar kind of article relating to the U.S. immigration policies entitled “Immigration and Emigration” in recent days that was of quite a narrative type (The New York Times Company, “Immigration and Emigration”). Conversely, The Washington Post is the other American based daily newspaper that was established in the year 1877 in Washington D.C. The newspaper has been identified to publish several articles linked with the U.S. immigration policies in recent days of quite a narrative type (The Washington Post Company, “Company Profile”).Thesis Statement&nbsp.This paper intends to critique the news coverage concerning Obama’s initiatives to make immigration comeback and speedily work upon the U.S. immigration plan.1.&nbsp.&nbsp. How Does The News Story Conform To Prevailing Standards Of Newsworthiness? What Are Criteria Present In The Story? How Do These Criteria Appear To Be Driving This Story?&nbsp.The news story published by the newspaper, i.e., The New York Times, conforms to prevailing standards of newsworthiness by depicting Obama’s one of the significant initiatives towards facilitating a large number of unlawful immigrants residing in the U.S. on a clear pathway to nationality or residency. Several criteria are present in the story published by this particular newspaper, which encompasses Obama’s speedy action towards working upon immigration plans, adopting and implementing effective measures in supporting the illegal immigrants, and, faring important proposals. These crucial criteria appear to be driving the story relating to the U.S.

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