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Submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Political Science 1 Introduction to Government.Depending with the states laws, an official is allowed to run for re-election once the term is over. In the United States, system of government is categorized as the representative democracy. American citizens do not directly make any government decisions. This is because they elect officials to govern their affairs. It is common for most elections to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the November in the year they happen, however, elections for public offices may be held any time depending on the state law (Trent, pp 36-194).After the American constitution was written in 1787, it indicated that every state had the mandate to determine who could vote in elections, African-Americans and women were denied their voting rights. Nevertheless, in 1870 the 15th amendment was passed that allowed male African Americans to vote, in 1920, the 19th amendments was enacted which allowed women to vote, the next November saw millions of American women voting in presidential elections for the first time. Nevertheless, the election of the president and the vice president of the United States remains an indirect vote, in this process the citizens cast ballots for a slate of members of the US Electoral College these people are the ones who are constitutionally mandated to directly elect the president and his vice president. The presidential elections are organised to occur quadrennial where the count starts from 1792 on the Election Day Tuesday between November 2 and eighth. These dates are made to coincide with various other federal states and local races (Trent, pp 36-194).The electro process in the United States is highly regulated by a combination of the federal and state laws. Each state is allocated a number of Electoral College electors whom are made to be equal to the number of its senators and representatives in the U.S congress. Connectively, in Washington D.C the number of electors is equal to the number held by

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