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Police shootings in America

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English 100 paper……….This will be on recent Police shootings in America today.  I soley want to stick to shootings in general though some are more on minorities but how the police and community can work together so that police do not have to use such force.  I only need to have the first 3 paragraphs…. like a rough draft.  Can you do the 3 beginning paragraphs.  Here are the requirements:  Only do the first 3 paragraphs. I only need the first 3 paragraphs of this paper done not the full paper. This will include:1. A title2. An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement3. A background section (aim for 2 paragraphs)Review all of the lessons in this module as you write.A good introduction will include:A catchy hook that grabs the reader’s attention and makes the reader interested in reading moreA brief overview of the topic of the paperA thesis statement stating the specific problem/solution this paper will addressAn introduction paragraph should be somewhere between 1/2-page and  2/3 of a page in total length The background section is neutral. You are not arguing that this is a problem yet. You are simply informing me about the topic in general so that I will be able to understand the argument that follows. You may wish to imagine that the reader is someone who has never heard of your topic. How would you explain the topic to the reader?The background section usually includes 2-3 of the following topics. Organize these into paragraphs and use research appropriately:Definition of key terms or define the way you are using a termBrief history of the problemCurrent laws or regulationsCurrent status of the issueOpposing views (briefly describe the debate)Other questions you need to answer in order for your paper to make senseThe background section will be:2 fully developed paragraphs Each paragraph is a minimum of 6 sentencesEach paragraph contains researchResearch is cited using MLA formatting


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