Planning an event

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Essay Planning an event. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Health and safety programs are also necessary for legal, financial and moral reasons.Health and safety management is the organization of efforts and procedures for the purpose of identifying hazards in the workplace, minimizing occurrence of accidents and reducing exposure to harmful materials and conditions (MANUELE, 2008, pg.6). Health and safety management involves personnel training on prevention of accidents, response to disasters, preparedness for emergencies, and the usage of protective gears and equipment.Healthy and safety management is a crucial factor in events since most events are likely to bring together a large number of people. The safety of these people is a critical issue since a single accident in the event can lead to severe injuries and even death of the people present. Healthy safety management in events helps in ensuring total safety of the particular event is maintained so that as far as realistically attainable, those people tasked with setting up the event, and those in attendance of the event are not in a situation where their health and safety is at risk. Health and safety management involves setting up of appropriate management systems for each phase of the event, thereby ensuring control of health and safety risks. Such management systems include safety precautions before and during the event. Although people maybe fewer, higher risk activities are carried out during the buildup, load-in and load-out (PORTER, 2011, pg.81).Healthy and safety management programs are crucial in events for ensuring cooperation among the workers, and appropriate coordination of all work activities carried on the site (INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE, 2009, pg.40).These are possible through the use an overall phased program of work that takes into consideration the risk assessments of the contractor and communicates them to all the appropriate parties. Healthy and safety management program, therefore, provides employees with the relevant information

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