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Write the following essay on Physiology—Homeostasis Method/ References. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This was followed by gradual rise in temperatures for 47 minutes to return to the set point (50 ºC) indicated by the shutting off of the heating light on the water bath (Laboratory Manual). The manual protocol was followed to do this experiment.This experiment aimed at determining average personal heart rate as well as variability in the average heart rate an exercise and non-exercise group. The personal heart rate was determined both in 15 seconds and 1 minute intervals in 5 trials for both (Laboratory Manual). However, group heart rate was determined on both exercise and non-exercise groups. The heart rate results from both groups were recorded in intervals of 90-99, 80-89, 70-79, 60-69 and 50-59. The manual protocol was followed to do this experiment.It is evident that buffers play a very important role in our bodies in the process of maintaining an acid-base balance (Goldstein and Kopin, 2007). This section had two sections, that is, measuring the pH of water and buffer solution. There were slight deviations from the manual protocol in this experiment because the laboratory manual was unclear on exact procedures to be used in some sections and necessary controls were not evident in some sections. So some deviations were included as shown in the procedures below that were adopted for the two sections.A beaker was first washed in soapy water while scrubbing the inside with a paper towel followed by proper rinsing. 50 ml of fresh water were placed in the beaker. The pH was measured (Laboratory Manual). One drop of HCl was then added into the beaker using a plastic disposable pipette. The water was swirled with the pH meter and the pH was measured when it stopped changing rapidly. Two more drops of HCl were added and the pH was again measured after it stopped changing rapidly (Laboratory Manual). Another beaker was obtained and the above procedure repeated using drops of NaOH rather than HCL.A

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