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Phonological Alternations

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Question: Phonological Alternations Consider the distribution of [t] and [ts] (a voiceless alveolar affricate, like [ts] in Cantonese) in the Canadian French data below and answer (A) and (B) in two or more complete sentences using the appropriate technical terms. You may also represent your answer as a rule, but this is not required: A. Are [t] and [ts] contrastive phonemes or allophones of the same underlyingphoneme?B. If they are allophones, identify the underlying phoneme (the elsewherephoneme) and the context in which the other allophone appears.*[y] and [v] are high, front round vowels. [y] is tense. [v] is lax.1. [tu]all7.[telegram] telegram2. [abutsi]ended8.[tre]very3. [tel]such9.[kyltsYx]culture4.

stamp10. [minvt]minute5. [tsimid]timid11.[tsy]you6. [tsit]title12.[tsyb]tube


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