Philosophy of caring

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Write an argumentative essay on Philosophy of caring. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.According to Chapman, a healing hospital has a clearly defined charter of caring for all patients, loving and showing kindness, compassion and using all available skills to assist patients (2003). To this end, the main components of a healing hospital are faith, compassion, skilled staff and technology. All the components are important in making a positive impact on patient’s health. Compassion and Kindness are virtues that are deeply embedded in the Bible. The Bible requires people to show love and compassion to people in need. Thus, the nurses would be following spiritual beliefs by caring for patients.Skill and technology are also important components in a healing hospital (Chapman, 2003). Love and care cannot be efficient if there are no enablers. Skills and technology enable nurses cope with various situations facing the patients. Nursing need technology to accurately diagnose diseases and mitigate them. Technology can also be used in entertaining patients in order to reduce anxiety. Patients may listen to music that is spiritual to them or has some significance to them.Despite the importance of a healing hospital, creating the healing environment is complex and faces several challenges. The challenges pose barriers to the development of healing hospitals. One of the barriers is that it is difficult to find caretakers who are interested in the concept of a caring hospital. A caring hospital is more demanding and calls for sacrifice on the part of caretakers such as training (Puchalski & McSkimming, 2006). A healing hospital requires staff that have compassion, believe in a culture of care and are spiritual. It is preferred that the staff subscribe to Christian values. Thus, it may pose a challenge to find people who may abide by the rules of a healing environment. The major issues that need to be observed by the caretakers include physical,

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