Philosophical and ethical concepts

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Compose a 2750 words essay on Philosophical and Ethical Concepts. Over 70 percent of the Americans believe that the organizations have been stated to be very wasteful on the charitable funds that they get. Only 10 percent of the Americans are convinced that the charity organizations have been doing the right thing and using the money wisely. 17 percent of the Americans believe that the funds were making the right decisions. The statistics show how much the charity organization created mistrust to their donors. The ethical concern is of much importance in this case, and they need much proper understanding. The moral judgment comes later after addressing the ethical concerns. To start with, one needs to go through the principal forces that affect the experience of the organizations. The ethical issues that are in the non-profit sector should also be the subject of discussion in order to solve the problems that are associated with the charitable organizations. Thereafter there has to be solutions to the problems that face the charity organizations on the issue of misconduct. There are the ethical challenges in the organizations, and they lead to the misconduct. The challenges that are evident in this case and they end up in criminal violations (VanderWallen 142).The moral conduct has got some crucial factors that influence them. Moral awareness is very much essential when it comes to addressing the ethical issues. After creating the moral awareness in a charity organization, it is crucial to come up with an ethical decision making which is thereafter followed by moral intent. The last step is coming up with the moral actions. Following all these steps will result in the elimination of the misconduct. The moral judgment of the people is crucial for all aspects. In this case the moral sense of the donors is critical. The donor is a person who wants to contribute to the charity work. It is crucial for the donors to be enlightened about the misconducts in organization.The

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