Person’s spirituality

by | Jul 17, 2021 | Assignment

What are your thoughts believe, spiritual care is the spiritual and religious needs brought on by an illness or injury. In addition, with spiritual care, patient can helped to boost their support and coping skills among stress and sickness. The spiritual care of the topic readings focuses on building a relationship with God, with the methods which are addresses in the Christian world view.

A person’s spirituality and faith values impact his or her understanding of illness as well as health care decisions even if unspoken, therefore spiritual care should be a primary focus in health care settings. There is a positive relationship between spirituality, health and well-being. Spirituality affects every aspects of person’s life, so offering spiritual care support should be an important focus for the health care.

Most patients and their families do not anticipate in-depth, specialized spiritual care from their nurses, but they do have a strong expectation for some basic spiritual care connections including interventions such as active and empathic listening, proactively communicating, and expressing compassion.

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