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Discuss your personal learning experience and the academic value stemming from Deputy Superintendent Dahill’s visit to our classroom.  You are encouraged to write on the numerous highlights of his guest lecture as it relates to our exploration of the criminal justice system.  Also, correlate at least one (or more!) of the topic areas contained in Week #6’s only PowerPoint Lecture Material, which directly ties in to something Deputy Superintendent Dahill mentioned during his speaking time. Some areas he focused on include, but are not limited to:      a.  The hiring process for police officers.  Give course-oriented examples.      b.  Deputy Superintendent Dahill’s experience as it relates to his dismissal from the police academy due to his hearing impairment.  Did you find that shocking?  Why, or why not?      c.  His work capacity as the Chief Hearing Officer; LGBTQ+ Liaison; Evidence Control, etc.Originality is strongly encouraged; that is, rely less on quoting or paraphrashing textbooks and internet sources; contribute your own thoughts and inferences.  Refer to the assigned chapters in the Fagin text; the contents found in the Reading, Viewing, Listening folder; and the PowerPoint presentation in Week #6’s only online Lecture Material for guidance.If you were not in attendance for the guest speaking event, then you are directed to research Deputy Superintendent Dahill’s background online and report your findings in the discussion board.  You may also write on the topics of discussion found in the only PowerPoint Lecture Material in Week #6’s folders.Link: If you elect to tie in outside reference material, credit your sources according to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) formatting guidelines. A title page and abstract is not required.  Simply start your paper on the top left-hand corner of the page, and indent your paragraphs.  Do not list your name, the instructor’s name, the course name, or the date inside the four corners of your paper.  The instructor will not deduct points for minor grammatical errors or other relatively minor errors made in good faith; however, your grade will suffer accordingly if your paper does not meet the basic formatting style instructions.    The requirements for this assignment are as follows:- Two (2), top-to-bottom, full pages in length;- Times New Roman character font;- Double-spaced;- 12 pt. size.ALL REFLECTION PAPERS SHALL BE SUBMITTED ON BLACKBOARD TO RECEIVE CREDIT!

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