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Personal Identity

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Assignment

Need an argumentative essay on Identity and Representation:

Personal Identity.

Needs to be 5 pages.

Please no plagiarism.

The essay “Identity and Representation: Personal Identity” presents the whole story of life from the childhood of the author. The first aspect of life that best describes him is culture. He is an individual brought up in the United States of America. His family settled at Washington D.C. since birth. Being brought up in such a luxurious and big city has been an adventure to me. Throughout my childhood experience, I have adopted diverse entities related to cultural events in life. It has been a fascinating encounter too. Various cultures and arts dominate the city. All these make life awesome and enjoyable. A day out in the theatre and performance arts centers was an excellent way to spend our weekends and holidays. During such performances, a lot of art and culture has been instilled in me.

My childhood experiences remain still fresh with a nostalgic effect. There are several things that I learned while young. Such things have been part and parcel of me till date. The instances are unique. One great investment is sports. In my teenage, I loved sports so much. Being a male, my father’s company was something I cherished. My dad has been a great fan of football. Whenever he went out to watch live games, I was part of his budget. This created a deep love for soccer. My father encouraged me to join football teams in school. During my years in high school, my football likeness blossomed. I played on the school’s team B. The love for football has led me to support my favorite team in English Premier League.

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